Blanket Systems

Quick Results for Multiple Applications.


Third Coast Insulation’s removable insulation blankets and pads are custom designed and fabricated for each individual item. Close contour fit is essential for a quality appearance and proper sound / thermal performance. Insulation blankets and pads will keep your utility costs lower while increasing safety, reliability, and productivity. Removable insulation blankets reduce heat loss and thereby save money otherwise spent on energy. The savings are realized not because removable blankets perform better than conventional insulation. Rather, they offer savings over conventional applications because they require fewer labor hours to remove and reinstall.


  • Extruder Blankets
  • Marine
  • Boiler Heads
  • Manway Covers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Valve Cover Blankets
  • Pump Housing Blankets
  • Steam and Gas Turbines
  • Diesel Exhaust Systems
  • Instrument Covers
  • Sounds Absorption Blankets
  • Removable Insulation Blankets


  • Energy conservation
  • Personal protection
  • Freeze protection
  • Fire protection
  • Reduced plant temperatures
  • Less labor hours
  • Noise-control
  • Temperature retention
  • Removable Insulation Blankets

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